The hub of the Arts & Cultural Highway Foundation emmanates from the west coast of Canada in British Columbia outwards, now embracing a global network of commerce and artisans working to promote a coming together of world cultures through the arts.

We are a not-for-profit association of artists, arts organizations, commerce, tourism and community leaders. Now in our seventh year of operations. Our goal remains to encourage the vision and talents of artists across the creative media and to help market, promote and expose their artwork to audiences everywhere.

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    The Arts and Cultural Highway Foundation encompasses a tremendous number of artists, artisans, performers and creative people of many diverse disciplines. ARTS, CULTURE and CULTURAL events on a trans-world highway network. The ACH FOUNDATION fields its listings from among artisans and businesses supporting the arts World-Wide.

    Artisans of many disciplines are listed here, anyone who expresses their CREATIVITY in the fine arts, Theatre ( Theater groups ) sculpture, dance, performance, music, murals and a myriad of crafts and other aesthetic pursuits all are welcome.

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