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About Us – The Arts & Cultural Accord Foundation

Definition of The VIGSC Arts & Cultural Accord® Foundation

The Accord Foundation is managed (this is a philanthropist position) on a daily basis by Karl Schutz, the founder and CEO, which in turn is guided and directed by a board of directors, individuals who represent the Arts, Tourism, Commerce, and various regions of the Highway.

The Accord Foundation is a not for profit Foundation made up of like-minded people; leaders in business and civic community, artists, fine art artisans, chambers of commerce, tourism boards and individuals who have established the following goals:

To create awareness in every community of developing a strong arts and cultural industry for the cultural tourism market.
To raise the awareness of all citizens of this region concerning the quality, richness and great variety of our artistic, cultural and heritage treasures.
To market that arts and cultural industry, created by those living and working along the Arts and Cultural Highway as a valuable new product througout the world.
As its FIRST PROJECT to market our Arts & Culture to the world, the Accord Foundation has adopted “The Arts & Cultural Highway” as a registered brand name. This venture is a dynamic proposal designed to establish the West Coast as a Global Destination for the arts in “The New Millenium”.

The initial leg of the Highway will link communities on both sides of Georgia Strait with a common theme of arts and culture. Visitors to the region will be able to plan a stay that incorporates visits to each of the communities participating on the Highway to view outdoor art, tour galleries and visit artisans in their studios. Guests will also have an opportunity to partake in the rich cultural life of all these coastal communities – to attend performances in musical and theatrical arts, explore historical sites, and discover the mysteries and spirituality of First Nations peoples who have populated our West Coast throughout history.