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  • The Interpreted ArtsBeetle MASTER SERIES Campaign Overview

    MASTER SERIES: This campaign is a further opportunity for artists and performers from around the west coast of British Columbia to apply their own artistic interpretation to Volkswagens’ fabulous Beetle and the official car of the Arts and Cultural Highway Foundation. The collection artwork of the Interpreted ArtsBeetle will form the core of a province-wide promotion that will help in the creation of true arts and cultural destination, one that attracts the attention of both tourists and consumers, creating a vibrant new economy for the region - The Arts and Cultural Highway @

    For the Foundation, the campaign goal is to develop, create awareness and interest in the Arts and Cultural Highway Foundation amongst the art and cultural community in the region as well as to promote the Arts and Cultural Highway to consumers both near and far. Make the Arts and Cultural Highway a household name.

    At the same time, the Interpreted ArtsBeetle campaign presents opportunities for key Foundation associates to benefit from the exposure that this campaign will have locally, regionally, and internationally. It presents a unique opportunity to build relationships between private sector companies, the Arts and Cultural community, and the Tourism industry in support of the concept of an Arts and Cultural Highway in this region. Additional links to the campaign are also being pursued with the Volkswagen Assembly Plant in Puebla Mexico and the community of Puebla, inviting them to participate.

    Who are we appealing to?

    1. Artists, fine art artisans of all discipline including performers from across the region.
    2. Art Groups: co - operatives, councils, organizations and schools. Art Galleries.
    3. Consumers: local (within region), provincial, national and international.
    4. The tourism industry
    5. Local Chambers of Commerce and service organizations.
    6. Leaders in Government.

    Campaign Components

    Launch Activities and Promotion

    1. Distribute promotional poster and call for entries throughout the region.
    2. Commission an artist to apply his/her interpretation to the Beetle. The Interpreted ArtsBeetle will then be used for ongoing promotion in the region with current Foundation associates, art colleges and schools, and with other community venues whereby large segments of the community can come in contact with the Interpreted ArtsBeetle.
    3. Develop "drop-ads" for circulation to all regional media showcasing the Interpreted ArtsBeetle campaign, the work of the Foundation and its partners.
    4. Develop sponsored media promotions featuring the Interpreted ArtsBeetle.
    5. Develop "showcase" opportunities for the Interpreted ArtsBeetle around the region at community art events, car shows, with sponsoring businesses e.g. VW dealers; and other high traffic venues in the region such as shopping centers.

    Campaign Elements

    1. Submissions will be collected from all interested artists, fine art artisans, performers and featured on the Interpreted ArtsBeetle own website which is hosted by the Arts and Cultural Highway Foundation’s Portal / Database
    2. Develop a newspaper supplement showcasing submissions.
    3. Hold a "gala showcase" event at a high profile venue in the region to display the variations on the Interpreted ArtsBeetle.
    4. Deliver an online auction of "donated" submissions as a fundraiser for the Foundation using - a Victoria-based online auction house.
    5. Create a "traveling exhibit" of submissions for display at galleries and venues around the region and in phase two across Canada and hopefully internationally in phase three.
    6. Develop a presentation on the Interpreted ArtsBeetle for use in school art programs.
    7. Develop a poster series and/or calendar with a selection of the submission for retail - promoted by media partners and carried for sale by Foundation partners across the region.

    1. Participating Artists

    Our goal is simple; to convince the Artists, Associates, Contributors & Investors that forming a relationship with the Arts and Cultural Highway Foundation, by supporting the Interpreted ArtsBeetle campaign, by way of their participation, will be quite simply good for business.

    1. We envision significant exposure to a vast audience through a variety of channels: print material distribution, public relations events, Internet and media exposure. Exposure that will not only benefit our interests but that can also present participating Artists, Associates, Contributors & Investors with unique opportunities to reach out to a significant audience in the region.
    2. An opportunity for artists to promote themselves and their Artwork by way of participating in the travel exhibition.
    3. Showcase the creative genius through their individual interpretations of the Interpreted ArtsBeetle and their art on the Portal/Database to a wide audience (local, regional, national and international).
    4. For Foundation members, additional exposure for their art and services through the traffic directed to the Foundation’s Portal and Database.

    2. The Tourism Industry

    1. Presents and positions the Arts and Cultural Highway as a tangible entity that can benefit the local tourism industry as well as the arts community.
    2. Promotes British Columbia as a destination by promoting the wealth of artistic talent that lives and works in this region of BC both through the Foundation’s Portal but also in the creation of a traveling exhibit of the Interpretation ArtsBeetle developed as part of the campaign.
    3. A demonstration of how important the tie is between the arts, culture and tourism, is the participation of Tourism British Columbia, Tourism Vancouver Island and the Vancouver, Coast & Mountains Tourism Region who have donated time and financial support to the activities of the Arts and Cultural Highway Foundation.

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