NEW! Now Online - The ArtsHighway goes virtual reality!
with 3D galleries, group shows, artisan studios and places to meet and chat to artisans in real time 3D!

  • If you have not done so go to (est. 1996) and install the Free Software Plugin
        over 1 million people have already installed it!
  • Then, return to this page and simply Click Here to enter at "Mile 0" of the 3D world of The Arts and Cultural Highway!
    You can also access us from the Active Worlds Browser (F9) under Worlds -- see our listing ArtsHiwy

    If you've installed the software and or have been there before,
    use this dropdown menu to "teleport" directly to artisan's 3D galleries and Studios!
  • , otherwise see info above.

    3D Virtual Highway System Requirements:
  • Any current Windows based PC with sound card and reasonable graphics capability.
  • Any internet access - High Speed Connection highly recommended (but can work with 56K Dialup modem).
  • Come enjoy the fun of true 3D Virtual Reality and chat with some of our artisans and see their art!
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    The Arts and Cultural Highway is a unique manifestation of a designated area in British Columbia where a tremendous number of artists, artisans, performers and creative people of many diverse disciplines have come to reside. A place where ARTS, CULTURE and CULTURAL events new and old are literally found right off the main HIGHWAY 1 part of the Trans Canada Highway network. The ACH FOUNDATION fields its listings from among artisans and businesses supporting the arts on Vancouver Island throughout the Gulf Islands and Sunshine Coast of British Columbia on the west coast of Canada.

    Artists are drawn to the Canadian west coast because of its spectacular scenery and moderate weather. Artisans of many disciplines express their CREATIVITY in the fine arts, Theatre ( Theater groups ) sculpture, dance, performance, music, murals and a myriad of crafts and other aesthetic pursuits.

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