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In our efforts to promote the world's creative community we provide a Search Engine Listing Service for all things Arts and Cultural oriented. We welcome listings from commercial enterprises that support the arts by providing services or products that further peoples' appreciation of the arts and culture. This can include anything from accommodation for local theatre events to art supplies and tour guides.

Through our 'Arts and Culture specific' Search Engine people are able to find and link to your website as part of an onging project to promote your talents and services.

If you are a creative artist of any medium, including performance, crafts, sculpture etc. this is the first step to getting listed on to The Arts and Cultural Highway.


  • STEP 1 Fill in the form below with some of your details and a link to your website.
  • STEP 2 Upon approval of your listing, we will contact you and ask that you pay a small one-time administration fee (see Options Below) to cover the cost of including your information and link in our database.
  • STEP 3 Upon payment we will update our database to include your listing and will confirm your inclusion as an active participant of the The Arts and Cultural Highway Foundation.
  • NEW! Listing plus basic Virtual Gallery Option.
  • * Your Full Name:
    Street Address:
    * City/Town/Country:
    Postal Code:
  • We will protect your privacy. Check this box if you do not want
        your mailing address published with your online listing.

  •    Check Here
    Title of your Listing:
    Categorize your Listing:
    Your Email:
    Your Website Address:
    Type or cut and paste into the text box below a text description of yourself, your work or services as you would like to appear in our Search Engine Listing Service. Hit 'Submit Listing' at the bottom to send it to us for consideration. (limit: 2000 characters)

    Optional: Please list below, keywords and phrases that you feel your listing should come up under when people do a search of our listings. Feel free to include popular mispellings
    (No Commas please, limit: 125 characters)

    I understand that if my listing is approved I will be required to pay a one time administrational fee.
    * You must select one of the following for your listing to be considered.

    OPTION A $10 for a Link to my website and Text Description Listing
    OPTION B $25 for a Link, Text Description with Thumbnail (150 X 200)
    OPTION C $35 for a Link, Text Description, thumbnail and large image (640 X 480)
    OPTION D $75 for a Virtual Gallery and Basic Listing
    OPTION E $150 LifeTime Founding Member Status - includes all of Option C plus special acknowledgment.
    OPTION F $200 LifeTime Founding Member and Virtual Gallery.
    Required: Please Select Price Option A B C D E or F


    We reserve the right to decline submissions that we feel do not fit our expressed goals.

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