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ACHFm 107The Arts & Cultural Highway periodically broadcasts original music and interviews with our artisan membership from its own internet radio station ACHFm 107

We advertise such up and coming ACHF specific shows on the Edge Radio regularly.

1. Clicking this link should spawn your default media player if not try cutting and pasting it directly by selecting OPEN URL in your Media Player:
  • 2. Click the Transistor Radio graphic above will run a QuickTime Plugin which may also work (Mac users?).
    MORE TROUBLE SHOOTING OPTIONS: Media Player Radio Plugins
    If the above options don't not work, remember that just about any Media Player should be able to access a Radio URL through it's FILE menu dropdown, Try cutting and pasting this address into Winamp, Real Audio Player, Windows Media Player or Quick Time Player:

    If you need to install or try the different plugins (Free Versions are available for each), explore these links and come back and try the URL link above. Each computer and operating system has its own idiosynchrocies and may deliver streaming media better with one or the other.

    Link to WinAmp    Real Audio

    Windows Media Plugin   

    *The optimal way to listen to Internet Radio stations without too much embedded advertising seems be by downloading and installing WinAmp free version all you then do is choose from the FILE menu to Open URL and copy and paste this address in.

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