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Target Goals of The Arts and Cultural Highway Foundation

The Arts and Cultural Highway A catalyst for change in the transition from resource-based economies to arts, tourism and a cultural Renaissance for the world.

Societies are always in transition, but occasionally the changes around us signal an evolution in thought, something that awakens a new spirit of co-operation and enthusiasm.

When the information age was characterized as the "information highway" it was no accident that it quickly took hold of the public's imagination. It was timely, succinct and sparked a world-wide phenomenon of networking.

Now it has become our objective to establish a new brand name, specifically, in the global market place of arts and tourism.

Started in British Columbia, Canada, we call it the Arts and Cultural Highway, presenting a unified network of global communities bringing together innovative commerce and creative talents throughout the world.

At the very least we hope to inspire recognition of the brand name “The Arts & Cultural Highway” to establish it as an official cultural network and entity world-wide.

In its initial incarnation, we see the Arts and Cultural Highway as a catalyst to link a global network of artisans and commerce.

We seek, through this kind of mutually supportive network, to link and bring cohesion to an arts and tourism industry that can work for all communities… large and small.

It is common knowledge that some of the greatest art treasures of Europe attract millions of visitors every year.

It is also a fact that a whole generation has grown up submerged in a multi-media world of performance, music, and the arts… something that could easily be seen as a modern day cultural Renaissance.

Spread out among a vast array of communities are artists of all disciplines. Many work independently, very few are connected to their local Chambers of Commerce and often those Chambers of Commerce are not significantly connected to each other!

The challenge and goal of the Arts and Cultural Highway Foundation is to establish a mutually beneficial connection between communities, providing a shared and recognizable signature that links them all.

By design, a cultural highway showcases each town or city’s unique artistic and cultural attractions. Ultimately, linking up for global exposure, inviting new visitors to explore a wider sampling of what everyone have to offer.

As an example, currently, 400,000 visitors are attracted annually to Chemainus British Columbia's mural project; another 250,000 people are attracted to Salt Spring Island's popular Saturday Market... these are solid working models of the positive impact that the arts have on local revenue streams.

Most people know by now how the concept or a Chemainus outdoor Art Gallery was initially spawned by a province-wide Downtown Revitalization Program in 1982. The Mayor at the time, Graham Bruce seized that opportunity to initiate an economic development strategy based on the Arts. Thus began the Mural Project and a visionary’s dream in Karl Schutz was realized.

Since then Chemainus has become an international role model, an icon for economic arts and tourism development.

Chemainus' success, by attracting millions of visitors has effectively promoted a cultural evolution inspiring a continually vital and flourishing local area economy.

Likewise, on Salt Spring Island, also in British Columbia, we see a similar positive influence coming from the arts market. Time and again we see that when innovative commercial enterprise works with the resident arts culture, a multitude of spin-off business springs up. Often as not it results in creating a whole new localized job market.

The arts are a latent, yet formidable force for change, a resource of fresh ideas and inspiration. Now, as we look towards the future, the timing couldn't be better to broaden our horizons.

We need to consolidate and streamline coherent arts and tourism partnerships that will benefit all communities. Like Expositions everywhere there are opportunities to share world cultural influences and broaden everyone's horizons.

Our foundation is convinced that the concept of an Arts and Cultural Highway can be the catalyst to help bring it all together. Indeed, used effectively as a signature brand name, we believe it can serve as the backbone of this effort.

With your involvement, the ingredients of a golden age are all here. What becomes of these ingredients and those who make it happen, is a story that only the future will tell to our Children.

It is our profound hope that an Arts and Cultural Highway Foundation can help facilitate and transport us… directly into that future!

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